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Along with Mobile and High Internet Speeds or Connectivity, Video Content and Promotions has become the Present and Future Trend for Business Promotions. May it be Corporate Branding, Promotion for Service or Product and Personal Branding, Short Videos, Stories, Video Advertisements and Live Videos are ruling the Internet. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are allowing users to Upload the Videos or even Go Live Feature for Promotions. Snapchat, while had been video-oriented from the beginning itself, the company has long classified itself as a “camera company” rather than a social network, which sounds remarkably similar to Facebook’s new refrain. Twitter has emphasised video as well, releasing a native video publisher, integrating live streaming platform Periscope into the app, and purchasing network television deals. Pinterest, likewise, has integrated video throughout its platform. LinkedIn has quietly introduced video features as well, though only for influencers thus far. Although Text Based Content will remain, but for the marketers hoping to survive on any Social Platform essentially need to follow the trends. By 2020, most of the Social Network users (Almost 54.1%) will be atleast 35 Years Old and will be experienced enugh to share their experiences, thoughts and reviews in the video format.

Mark Zuckerberg said at the end of 2015 that we would be in the “Golden Age of Video” for some five years. So the time has began, and business owners and marketers growing access to video content will only further the shift in our social feeds in 2017.  For effective Social Media Promotion, every marketer will need to have a video strategy as the latest trend of 2017, thanks to the growing competition and volumes of videos being shared on the networks. Even automated video advertisements is the future advertising trend.
The average attention span is now just eight seconds, and it’s not for nothing that brands are spending anywhere from hundreds to millions of dollars a year on marketing and want to ensure their ads are being seen. Snapchat video ads and content, for example, average less than three seconds a view.

To Highlight the popularity of Video Content Trends, some interesting facts

  • YouTube has over a billion users, which is almost a third of the Internet population.
  • It’s estimated that content delivery network traffic will deliver over half of all internet video traffic by 2019.
  • On mobile devices, users spend more than 40 minutes watching videos.

To get the most out of their audiences, marketers are increasingly shifting their focus and budgets away from the ad itself and toward targeting users with ad penetration techniques. YouTube was the first to take  mainstream, but Pinterest and Instagram have quickly followed suit. Facebook is even testing shoppable video ads. The popularity of these ads will quickly rise as new technologies make it easier and more affordable for brands to participate. Moreover, instead of redirecting transactions to a brand’s website, social platforms are now making it possible to complete in-channel transactions for a seamless user experience.

How Important Video Content Marketing Strategy for Your Business ?

  • Video Boosts Conversions and Sales
  • Video Shows Great ROI
  • Builds Trust and Establishes Stronger Connect
  • You are 53% More Likely to Show Up First on Google if you have a Video Embedded on Website
  • Appeals Smart Phone and Mobile Users
  • Video Marketing and Content if smartly made is Self-Explainatory
  • Engages your Audience
  • Encourages Social Sharing

Live Streamed Videos (Facebook Live) was started in 2016 when Facebook came up with live-video streaming, launched by Mark Zuckerberg explaining the features of live-video. Videos are going to be face of business in 2017 and this means companies get more chances and ways to interact with customers and engage them with “behind the scene” content. Though 2016 saw a reluctant approach towards live-video since there are no controls like real tile editing, it won’t be surprise to see brands on strategies to get live and create authentic value in eyes of customer as the 2017’s trend.

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