What Branding Mean to Several Indian Entrepreneurs, Startups and Companies?

Branding is a Perception of your Target Audience, Clients and Prospective Customers towards your Company, Product or Service, Quality Statements, Vision, Commitments and several other attributes. Entrepreneurs, Startup and Companies usually outsource Branding, Marketing, Promotions and Advertising to different teams, groups or vendors, wherein their is no common connect or link so each part speaks the different story and theme, finally compromising the purpose and perception.

Branding vs. Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Branding vs. Marketing: Life Cycle, Market Surveys, Competition and Trends Indicate the Right Strategy for your Business, Start up or Company

Still a Question comes, whether branding really contribute to the Sales?

Off course it does not only compliment and boost the marketing or sales, it also takes you an extra mile and manages Customer Acquisition, Customer Retention and Referrals, in case the strategy is well placed and executed in a structured way.

Structured Campaign is not just about promoting your company, product or services on Social Media, Facebook Posts, Twitter Updates, Online Promotions, SEO, ATL (Above the Line), BTL (Below the Line), Ground Activation, Executing Events, Workshops, Seminars etc.; It is a more realistic and predictable approach towards managing the overall Campaign with a well-balanced and careful approach.

Innovation, Creative, Out-of-the-Box which are now days used with almost every line of content, they are not to be used as an adjective in your content, it’s something which your target audience need to think about you as the impact.

I’ve come across in past several years, startups, entrepreneurs and many of the clients asking for the conversion and surety of the leads or results with any promotional campaign. Advertising and Branding is an intermediate step which lies some mid-way to your Business Existence and its Visibility or Outreach and What Drives your customers to Opt for your Company or Products in preference over the other available options. In quite simpler words a social media campaign may deliver you an outreach of 1 Lac Target Persons but the ration of conversion will thereafter depend on many other factors, including your overall Branding Image, Price Factors, Quality and Customer Support, and with a structured Branding Campaigns, we do this for you.

If Reaching out to People is an essential step, reaching out with a Right Message and at Right Channel or Medium is even more important, else you may end up in doing more harm to your Brand Image rather getting benefits. A popular quote supports this as well, Its Smart Work which delivers better Results than Hard Work. So investing your time and money into Advertising is what I’ll quote a hard Work whereas executing everything with a structured approach is a Smart Work, which in long run not just saves your money and time; but also delivers you a stable market position.

To summarise the article and purpose and make it more meaningful and significant for entrepreneurs, I’d say that a quote by John Wanamaker, “Half the Money I spend on Advertising is Wasted; the Trouble is I Don’t Know which Half”, explains it all.