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Marketing Challenges 2017

Top Marketing Challenges & Opportunities

Every Business is unique in itself in terms of its Product Offering, Target Audience, Demographics, Pricing Structure, Marketing Strategy, Promotional Plan or Brand Value and Perception. Therefore every marketer faces different challenges when it comes…

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Ashu Gaur – Expat in several countries

Expat Interviews – Ashu Gaur in Expat Finder

Expat Finder has had the chance to talk to Mr. Ashu Gaur, 36, an Indian Branding, Marketing and Business Consultant, who travels frequently to serve its clients internationally. He has been providing advisory services to…

Consulting | Brand Management | Marketing | Promotions for your Business

Consulting | Brand Management | Marketing | Promotions for your Business

Eixil Group, Brand Promotion and Consulting Company under Expert Leadership of Ms. Komal Chauhan (Director and Promoter) and Experienced Business Insight of Mr. Ashu Gaur (Founder and Director) promises the Competitive and Efficient Business Promotion…

Will Hashtags Take Over the Internet

Hashtags – Future of Robotic Content Marketing

Check out your Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook feed; flip through a magazine or watch a commercial on television. You’ll likely find them filled with hashtags about what we like, what we want, what we think,…