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3D Sculpted Products, Mascots, Signages, Themed Enviroments, Store Front Displays3D Sculpted Products, Mascots, Signages, Themed Enviroments, Store Front Displays

Glyptic Arts is Professional 3D Foam Sculpting, Crafting and Carving Studio at Mathura (Uttar Pradesh), which specialises in Creative and Innovative Expertise to implement the EPS Foam and GRC Material (Glass Fibre Reinforced) Structures for the wide and diverse usage in form of 3D Foam Sculptures, Unique Signage, 3D Foam Enlargements, 3D Advertising Displays, Wall Murals, Architectural Elevations, Landscaping Concepts, Theme Events, 3D Mascots for Branding, Set Designs, Creating 3D Themed Models and Stages for Religious, Spiritual or Weddings, Innovative Interior Decoration Masterpieces etc. – The Scope and List goes Endless.

3D Foam Sculptures and Enlargements – India

Foam Sculptures | 3D Enlargements | Signage | Sets and Themes | Landscaping

The Process of Foam Sculpting and Carving is extremely fast, accurate and cost effective when compared to traditional hand carving methods. Foam Sculpting holds the advantage in any creative process which require 3D or virtual models to explore interactions and aesthetics; At low cost and limited time frames. EPS Foam is light weight, not too expensive and safe, therefore the structures created with EPS Sculpting are Light Weight and not too Expensive.

Pioneers into Artistic 3D Foam Sculpting, Enlargements and Carvings, Glyptic Arts helped various industry vertical and businesses in past decade to create spectacular products.
So for Artistic Innovations, Innovative Advertising Solutions and Businesses looking to Improve the Process with Automated 3D Carvings or Structures, Glyptic Arts offers the Future of 3D Innovation with ……Endless Imaginations.

Anything where you Imagine and Wish to have the 3rd Dimension (3D), your search stops at Glyptic Art Studio (Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India)

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3D Foam Sculpting: Scope and Application

( * Although the Scope and Possibility of Use of Foam Sculpting is Endless, Listing some of the Common Possible aspects, where Currently the procedure are being implemented and helped the Glyptic’s Clients from different Industry Sectors to develop creative artistic marvels and masterpieces)

  • Manufacturing Sector for making 3D Casts and Models
  • Education Sector for Preparing the Realistic Models
  • Entertainment and Events, mainly for Sets Design for Movies and Theatre
  • Theme Events and Wedding Themes
  • Religious or Spiritual Stage Designs
  • Healthcare for creating Informative as well as Demonstrative Models
  • Automobile and Jewellery Sector, where before actual production, 3D Models actually provide a cost-effective medium of Demonstration
  • Advertising, Marketing and Branding; Where 3D Billboards, Signage, Mascots and Guerrilla Advertising Concepts may give your Brand an extra edge over Competitors
  • Architects for Architectural Structures, False Ceilings, Themed Architectural Work and Complex Structures
  • Interior Designers, for 3D Theme Environments, Wall Murals, Garden and Landscape Decorations, Sculptures and other innovative concepts
  • Creative and Art Sector for creating Artistic and Unique Structures
  • Masterpieces, Replicas and Designing a Realistic Demo of Products Involving Complex and Expensive Manufacturing Process
  • Miscellaneous implementations includes Creating Theme Parks, Fun Zones, Leisure and Picnic Destinations, Wedding Halls, Banquets, Unique Themed Landscaping, Museums, Creating Classic, Vintage, Heritage, Traditional or Contemporary Themes

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Call: +91-7055660088 (Mr. Vipul Agarwal: Director, Glyptic Arts)

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3D Foam Sculptures, Carvings, Murals and Enlargements

Professional 3D Foam Sculpting and Carving Studio in India (Mathura)


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