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Gurinder Rance (G.S Rance) - Food Processing Consultant IndiaGurinder Rance (G.S Rance) - Food Processing Consultant India

Gurinder Rance, with his over 3 decades of experience and expertise to understand the evolution in Pharmaceutical, Ayurveda, Health Care, Beauty Products and Indian Food Processing Technology, Food Processing Industry Trends, Latest State-of Art Modern and Efficient Machinery and Equipment available Globally, Production and Technical Know-Hows on Indian Snacks, Raw Food, Processed Food, Packaged Soft Drinks, Ready to Cook or Ready to Eat category of Food and Operational Process to ensure that Fresh, Best and Nutritious Output is channelised from Farm to Table in most efficient way, had helped out various Manufacturers and Brands to manufacture efficiently to get the Brand value and Product Recognition.

With his passion to Travel, Capture the awesome Photographs of Nature and Uniqueness, Love for Food and Hospitality, Gurinder has a great networking with not just business people but also with Artists, Photographers, Travellers and Foodies. Apart from this, for his Passion and Love towards Collection of Vintage Bikes and Cars, especially Volkswagen Classic Beetles which he has been owing right from after his schooling from the prestigious St. Xaviers School. He is also a member to various Clubs and Associations and always loves to take part in Rallies , Rides and Adventures or Exploration Trips.

Professionally, Gurinder Singh had consulted several Established Organisations, Brands and Startups Venturing, Expanding or Diversifying into Food Processing Sector. Indian Food Processing industry is expected to attract $33 bn investment by 2024, so the scope is tremendous. yet being highly competitive sector with both organised and unorganised players in the industry, right strategy and right move is required to achieve the desired goals. Apart from growth, it can’t be denied that Food Processing Industry Trends keep on varying and fluctuating and one has to continually keep innovating to keep in sync with the trends.

With globalisation and increasing trade across the borders approximately about 460 million tonnes of food valued at $ 3 billion is traded annually. India has thus, a great potential for global trade in agricultural and processed food products. The share of food processing exports in total exports was around 12 percent in the last few years. During FY 2011-15, India’s exports of processed food related products have been growing at a CAGR of 23.3 percent. The unorganised sector accounts for 42 percent of India’s food processing industry. The sizeable presence of small-scale industries points to the sector’s role in employment generation. As per the study, though the market falls under the unorganised sector in the country, the organised sector has a larger share in the secondary processing segment than the primary one.

Food and grocery constitute a substantial part of India’s consumption basket accounting for around 31 percent share in the total. In contrast, consumers in other countries spend a much lower proportion of their income on food and grocery – 9 percent in the US, 17 percent in Brazil and 25 percent in China. Food and grocery is the largest segment in India‘s retail sector, with a share of more than 60 percent in India‘s total retail market in 2014.

India is the world‘s second largest producer of food after China. The arable land area of 159.7 mn hectares (394.6 mn acres) is the second largest in the world (after the US). India has a strong raw material base for the food processing industry. India is one of the largest producers of certain fruits, vegetables, pulses, cereals and dairy products such as mangoes, papaya, potatoes, onions, ginger, check peas, rice, wheat, groundnuts, milk and eggs among others.

Gurinder Rance

Gurinder Rance: Food Processing Consultant

Gurinder Rance at Speyer Technik Museum.

Gurinder Rance at Speyer Technik Museum

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