Etiquette Training and Image Consulting for Hospitality Sector (Hotels & Restaurants)

Roopa Pahwa (Etiquette, Image and Style Consultant)

Hospitality Industry, which primarily comprises of Hotel Segment in today’s competitive business environment is facing constraints and bottlenecks towards the growth due to changing customer’s choices and perception towards Luxury, a term which has many definitions now and changes around customer perception more than ever.

Businesses are driven by customer demand. But customers’ values, preferences, and expectations are not fixed, nor are they universal. Consumers have begun to expect a personalised experience tailored to meet their needs. So for a hospitality industry, every human interaction your customer makes after getting into your hotel must give him a feel of perfection. Trained, Perfectly Dressed Guard, Reception and Front Desk Manager, Room Service, Housekeeping Staff, Restaurant Waiters and Chef all constitute and represent the overall Brand Representation for a Hotel. For a Hotel Segment, the Staff has to interact with varied client types, which may be segregated into Professionals, Corporate, Business, Individuals, Families or Couple Stays. So there is essence of developing proper code of conduct to generate memorable experience for the guests and get the repeated business and word-of-mouth referrals.
This code of conduct not just includes Grooming, Dressing, Colour Matching or Physical Appearance, it also covers overall Personality Development, Confidence Building, Communication Skills and Corporate, Social, Business or Dining Etiquette.

How about your feeling of getting into a renowned hotel in the city with a great interior and ambience but unprofessional and ill mannered housekeeping or room service staff, the answer lies here, why Image consulting and Grooming Training must for Hotel Industry. Your guest may be appealed by interior or room decoration once or twice during the stay but the staff interaction is something which makes it an experience for them during the stay. Another most common negative aspect noticed with Hotel Staff is communicating with each other, on phone calls or with colleagues in the local language or using slang. So at one end they create pleasing representation to the guests but then starts behaving altogether differently while communicating with each other. Image Consulting covers not only your polished image which you represent in front of others, its overall enhancement and upgrade of your personality.

How Image Consulting Helps in Repeat or Referring Business for Hospitality (Hotel) Industry ?

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Code of Behaviour, Conduct and Protocols:
While interacting with the Guests, entire code of behaviour and protocols for the hotel staff (Front-Desk Reception, Room Service, House-keeping, Waiters in Restaurant or Coordination Staff in Banquet or Conference Halls)

Personality Development and Enhanced Interactive Skill:
Another key aspect for making your guests feel happy about the place they are staying in. Especially for Front Desk and Reception, great communication and convincing skills helps in converting walk-in customers.

Communication Skills and Managing Troubleshooting for Guests:
At times hotel staff may face issues with customer and in such situations handling the situation in polite, friendly and convincing way is quite essential. This definitely requires great communication skills.

Dressing, Grooming and Etiquette:
Hotel Staff must be perfectly trained for Social, Dining or Business Etiquette as during and after their stay what they can recollect as good memories will convert into referral and repeat business.

Brand or a well-designed hotel is not enough anymore. It’s about the experience which helps in repeat business and customer loyalty. Customer Service in the Hospitality Industry is going to be the key to success which can be attained by overall well trained staff, perfectly groomed, experienced in maintaining customer relationships.

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(By Roopa Pahwa, Etiquette, Image and Style Consultant)
Following on from an existing career in wellness management, Roopa Pahwa has been an Image Consultant for Image Enhancement, Grooming, Personality Development and Etiquette Training. She has been working with clients through her Company “Roopa Consultants (RC)” in various parts of the world including USA, UK, Dubai, Sri Lanka & Nepal. Roopa Pahwa is passionate about helping others become successful and mentoring them to find their niche in this amazing industry. Her unparalleled experience in different arenas as a mentor, coach and trainer has led her to work with individual profiling clients; Professionals; Corporate Houses and Tech Companies, Businessmen, Entrepreneurs and Startups.

Etiquette, Image, Style and Grooming are the elements of your overall personality and not just creates a great feeling and confidence for oneself but a complete makeover to your social and public image. 

So in all if you are looking for Referral and Retention of Customers for your Hotel-Restaurant-Hospitality Business, Image Enhancement and Etiquette Training to Staff could an Integral Part of Business Development Strategy. In today’s competitive business environment, generating new clients can be your straight marketing strategy but major revenue shares can be reserved and secured by focus towards customer retention and referral strategy to be in place – Make your Guests feel special and they will turn up into a great word-of-mouth and repeat customers !!!

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