OSAW Moisture Meter for Grains, Pulses, Seeds and Agriculture Use

Agricultural Producers and Farmers knows that the key to high quality crop is proper moisture monitoring, whether the phase is Pre Harvest or Post Harvest. OSAW Digital Agro Moisture Meters are used to measure moisture content in Grains, Pulses, Seeds and Crop with high level of accuracy. It is based on the principle – Moisture

OSAW Envisions Elevating the Scientific Instrument Manufacturing to Next Level

Vision, Hard Work and Commitments had always created Success Stories in Business which not only created favourable business ecosystem for the industry but also laid the foundation stone of success for others to follow. One such step was initiated by Late Shri Nand Lal (Alumni of J.J Thomson College, which is now popularly known to

Foam Sculpting for Your Landscaping | Interior | Set Designs | Theme Projects

Theme Events, Set Designs, Landscaping Themes, Interior Designs, Architectural Elevations, 3D Wall Murals, Foam 3D Enlargements, Foam Sculptures and various other similar projects which require aesthetics, creativity and innovation, EPS Foam Sculpting and GRC Material Sculpting and Crafting is ideally the most Cost Competent and Time Saving approach, where the end products are not just durable or

What Branding Mean to Several Indian Entrepreneurs, Startups and Companies?

Branding is a Perception of your Target Audience, Clients and Prospective Customers towards your Company, Product or Service, Quality Statements, Vision, Commitments and several other attributes. Entrepreneurs, Startup and Companies usually outsource Branding, Marketing, Promotions and Advertising to different teams, groups or vendors, wherein their is no common connect or link so each part speaks the

Scientific and Laboratory Equipment Manufacturer-Exporter | OSAW Since 1919

Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of wide range of Scientific and Laboratory Equipment used by Primary School, Secondary Schools, University, Colleges, Engineering Labs, Physics Lab or Undergraduate to Postgraduate Institutions. The Oriental Science Apparatus Workshops, Ambala (OSAW) also caters the needs of Defence, Research Organisations, Agricultural Instruments, R&D Divisions of Various Industry Verticals, wherein development of tailor-made products